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Side series

Chengxingguang  provides a full range of small size, high light efficiency and low power consumption, long life of high quality side Luminous light patch LED.This kind of products during welding and assembly , LED devices and PCB are welded vertically at a 90 degree Angle.After the product is welded on the PCB, the LED luminous direction is parallel to the PCB.

The side light-emitting patch LED is divided into PCB board and PLCC (reflection support) structure. Side luminous patch LED products are designed according to industry standard pins.Colors are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red and white optional.These devices are packed in coils to meet automatic wire reflux welding assembly,thus improving production efficiency and reducing assembly cost.

Side light-emitting patches are widely used in medium and high-end electronic products; automotive electronic products; smart wear, intelligent robots; mouse and keyboard; mobile phones, tablet backlights and other fields.

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Built in IC series

Chengxingguang built-in IC light bead series: Simply put, it is an intelligent external control LED light source that integrates control circuit and light-emitting circuit.

Chengxingguang's built-in IC lamp bead series has a comprehensive series, small size and high quality, uniform light output, Intelligent reverse connection protection, and built-in high-quality IC constant current function. Chengxingguang can customize the built-in IC series light-emitting diodes with a variety of packaging structures according to customer needs.

Built-in IC series patch LED is widely used in decoration and entertainment lighting, status indicator, signage applications and other fields.

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Top Luminous Series

Chengxingguang offers a full range of top light emitting LED products, which are small size,high quality, high light efficiency, low power consumption and long service life.

The top light-emitting LED is a relatively common light-emitting diode.Mainly used in multifunctional ultra-thin mobile phones and PDA backlight box situation lighting applications.

Automotive lamp series products include AEC-Q100 and IATF16949 system certification.

Chengxingguang top series LED products have the following characteristics:

1. Thin package, vertical heat dissipation structure, high power.

2. The process is mature and the market versatility is high.

3. Complies with RoHS standards

4, conventional power 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1W and support customization.

It is mainly used in the following scenarios:

1. Ball bulb lamps, tube lamps, panel lights, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products.

2. Display, light strips, advertising display word products.

3. Industrial control indicators, home appliance display.

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